Precision Banking

Every profession has its artisans of excellence dedicated to creating things, better.
Besides their experience and talent, their difference lies in the care they take each step of the way.
Because the pursuit of excellence defines all our services, we strive to offer our clients high precision banking services.

Accurate transaction processing

In Wealth Management, and investments in particular, transaction processing accuracy and responsiveness can make all the difference. This is why Indosuez Wealth Management pays particular attention to how we process your investment decisions, to ensure they are executed in full security.

To do this, transactions are processed by a small number of hubs, each responsible for a particular part of the world. These proprietary logistics platforms, located in Paris, Geneva, Luxembourg, Monaco, and Miami, are organised to provide outstanding processing efficiency and accuracy.

Their quality is recognised by other private banks, several of which outsource their global IT and back office services to one of our specialised subsidiaries.


Online wealth management 

Because you also need to be able to manage your wealth wherever you are, Indosuez Wealth Management has highly secure internet banking solutions that allow you to track or manage your assets from anywhere in the world.

You can use our websites to view your assets and obtain additional information about the services available under local regulations.


Boutique banking services

Indosuez Wealth Management naturally seeks the best possible conditions when executing transactions (buying/selling securities, funds or structured products, forex and precious metals transactions).

But because we also want to do more for you than simply manage your wealth, we can also provide premium traditional banking services to make your daily life easier, including the following:

  • Account management services;
  • Cash management services;
  • Transaction services;
  • Payment services;
  • Securities services;
  • The preparation and sending of tax documents and reports, depending on local regulations.
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