Who we help

Each of our clients is truly unique.
Whatever their personal story, they share an aspiration for excellence and for personalised, premium services.
Indosuez Wealth Management understands this and its experts are there to deliver a tailored response.

Clients with unique expectations 

Indosuez Wealth Management has an international and diverse client base. Its clients are families, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and ultra-high net worth individuals, as well as non-profit associations and foundations, external managers, family offices and financial institutions.

Each client expects a tailored response to their individual situation.  


A personalised service

Indosuez Wealth Management delivers simple, lasting solutions that are suited to your personal circumstances and will protect, grow, and allow you to pass on enduring wealth in the best possible conditions. We make our time and experts available to ensure we can fully cater to your needs. 


An in-depth understanding of your situation

We start with a 360-degree vision of your personal, family, and professional situation, as well as your environment, plans, aspirations, and goals.

We work with you to establish your investor profile, taking into account your attitude to risk, your investment horizon, and your performance objectives.

Your Senior Banker will consult Indosuez Wealth Management's experts to propose a tailored solution to optimise the structure of your wealth and best apply your investment strategy.



Our shared story can then truly begin. We will provide continuous support and advice and will work with you to ensure that our solutions are always suited to your requirements. We will adjust your wealth and investment strategies as your own circumstances and the global environment change over time. The quality of our relationship with you is one of our main focus points, and we will remain proactive and responsive, delivering a truly personal service.

Naturally, all our discussions will remain entirely confidential.

This approach creates the trust that is the very cornerstone of our activity.



Your first point of contact is your Senior Banker, who will be at your side from the very beginning, identifying your needs and drafting the first plans before advising you over the longer term. The global value provided by Indosuez Wealth Management comes from the combination of talent among the different teams involved in managing your wealth.

To ensure we provide exceptional, appropriate advice, your Senior Banker will consult a panel of experts who will help you reach a decision and propose solutions tailored to your requirements.  A dedicated team of Structuring Wealth, Investing Wealth and Banking & Beyond specialists will be formed to build a bespoke solution following tried-and-tested methods. You will have direct access to these experts during the initial construction phase and throughout your relationship with us.

In addition to your Senior Banker and their invaluable assistant, who will manage your relationship on a daily basis, our back office teams provide rapid, high-quality, accurate processing of even the most sophisticated transactions and requests.

All our teams, across all our departments, share the same commitment to excellence and we ensure that ethics and integrity are an integral part of all our services.

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