Partnership with the Association des Métiers d'Art Suisse


Association des Métiers d'Art en Suisse

Indosuez Wealth Management is proud to be one of the national partners of the "Association des Métiers d'Arts Suisse", which aims to preserve, enhance and encourage the development of fine crafts. The association is in charge of organising the European Artistic Crafts Days 2018 in Switzerland. 2019 marks the second time that our House will support this event, which highlights these exciting professions with whom we share the values of excellence and expertise.

As part of this partnership, the "Prix Métiers d'art & design, an Indosuez Award" was presented at the awards ceremony organised as part of Art Geneva. This prize has rewarded the best collaboration between a designer and a craftsman in Switzerland. 

This year's winners are Josefina Munoz, designer in Geneva and Peter Fink, ceramist in Ependes for their project "Flacon de Parfum craquelé - 2017". Discover their collaboration in video.


Video credits: ASMA Pierre-Yves Borgeaud  


Our partnership with the "Association des Métiers d'Arts Suisse" is part of a strong desire to support the transmission of know-how by promoting solid trainings, which are key for the success of the Swiss economy.


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